About Me

My name is Bianca. I am 22 years old, I’m a massive geek, and my heart is filled with the love of Jesus. Without Him, I am nothing. He is the source of every ounce of goodness in me. He is the Enricher of my journey here on Earth.

Some of the things that I love because they teach me about myself and about Him are: books, nature, travel, family, film and an occasional boyband…

I like things that transport me. Sci-Fi and Fantasy are very real to me because they allow room for the impossible feats that reflect a deeply possible truth. It takes something otherwordly to reflect the bigness of this world.

I am learning just how possible it all really is. I can do ANYTHING. With Him at my side, my wildest dreams are entirely possible. Without Him, my worst fears are entirely possible. It all is soโ€ฆ possible.

From this moment on, I am living to make the most of the lovely possible things. The dreams that exist in another world that keep me moving in this one.

I’m not sure what the nature or intent of this blog is just yet… My thoughts may not always be articulate. My grammar may not always be correct (commas are hard sometimes).ย ย But, you’re more than welcome to come along for the ride.


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