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The Story of the Lost Emerald of the Sea and Queen Ebab

January 24, 2010

In the world of Perandù, there exists several islands located closely together to make up the kingdom of Queen Ebab. Queen Ebab is great with child, but she was placed under a curse as a child that she would age rapidly unless she was wearing a special Emerald necklace that preserved her youth. This Emerald was stolen from her by the Great Red Beard IV and buried in one of the lost islands of Perandù. And if she dies before the child is born, the kingdom will collapse and Perandù will cease to exist for she has no other heir.

Now, you see, the islands of Perandù are the only such islands in that world and ours. There are beasts, plants, and people very different than the ones in our world. Particularly, the special Perandùvian sheep. These sheep are much smaller and rarer than the Earth sheep. There fleece is much too fine and special to be used for cloth because it possesses magic healing powers. When in contact with this fleece, all internal illnesses are healed. This fleece is what is used in (in very small quantities, for it only takes a small amount to cure the deadliest illness, and it is very rare to get for the sheep are not tame) modern medicine in all worlds. If Perandù collapses, great illness and deaths will increase rapidly throughout the worlds.

Now, I have taken it upon myself to return to Queen Ebab her Emerald necklace. I came across the map in a cave in our world that l at first thought was blank, but it was actually written in a highly secretive invisible ink that can only be read by my special glasses made of the invisible Olin stone found in the mines of Nigk. My great great grandfather (whose name I will not mention because it brings me great shame) was a magician who practiced dark magic. He discovered the mines and used one of his spells to make the Olin stone visible and harness it. You could use these stones to write invisibly in, but they could only be read by looking through the stone itself. When I came across my great great grandfathers journals, I learned of the stones and set out to the cave to harvest stones to see if I could read the map through them. Alas, my journey proved successful and the glasses worked! The map belonged to Red Beard IV himself and led to his treasure! I was overwhelmed with Joy and knew I had to set out on my voyage to retrieve the Emerald at once!

But then I learned of something dark in the works. My second cousin, Captain Seagule, had also read of our great great grandfathers journals and he and his crew mined the Olin stone to depletion. He somehow found out about my map, and wanted the stone for himself and would do anything to stop me and steal my map. I had fought him twice in war (one of which in which I had lost my hat and sword) at the Fords of Durieb and defeated him both times so I was confident that I could defeat him yet again.

I meant to set out at once for this journey, today at 17:00 actually, but something came up so I told my crew we’d have to postpone. It’d also give me time to get a new sword and hat (afterall, the core of a pirate is their hat and sword) and prepare the ship more for this voyage. In the mean time, I decided to make the map safe by disguising it as a poster project for my Economics class and stowing it safely in my backpack. Segule will never think to look there!

I plan on setting sail as soon as possible, but for now Perandù and Queen Ebab will have to wait. I have an Economics project to work on! But fret not, I’ll keep you posted.